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Bhutan: Stopping the glacier meltdown

Bhutan is one of the only two carbon negative countries on this planet. It is also finalizing its climate plan (National Determined Contribution) with a high ambition. But that doesn’t save the country from climate change in a connected world. In fact, the country is very vulnerable to many climate issues including the rising global temperature causing meltdown of glaciers. It also witnessed a change in temperature and weather patterns, leading to increased risk of floods, pests and diseases, drought and acute water shortages, loss of safe drinking water and loss of agriculture, an important source of livelihood.

Mission 1.5 campaign is seen as a chance for the people of Bhutan to raise their climate voices and demand for concrete actions. Bhutan is ready to fight the climate change together with countries from around the world.

Turkey: Gamers Unite!

Turkey’s professional video game players have been playing a crucial role in designing and promoting Mission 1.5! Befrore the release, they provided inputs on improving the game experience. This is why our game is so fun and popular!

Mission 1.5 was launched in Turkey in April 2020 when everyone thought the COVID-19 pandemic will stop the world from having climate discussions. Turkish star e-sports player Ege Arseven played the game live in his Twitch broadcast and on UNDP Youtube channel. He also promoted the game in different occasions, joined by the famous anchor person Burcu Esmersoy and professional football player Nuri Şahin. Many people joined the live chat to discuss the importance of the climate change and action. UNDP Turkey is using Mission 1.5 and making all digital events exciting so we don’t stop learning and discussing climate change!

Iraq: Entry point to climate issues

The UNDP Accelerator Lab in Iraq uses Mission 1.5 in identifying the main climate challenges and to sense and explore activities to tackle them together with the citizens. It is used to raise awareness on climate change in Iraq, where climate change issues are not very familiar to the general public. Mission 1.5 was used as a tool for Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) to conduct a call for ideation with local organizations across the country to develop some startup ideas too.

UNDP Iraq launched the Mission 1.5 in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Environment (MoHE) and in collaboration with representatives from all kinds of different organizations. It was supported by the whole of society, the private sector, the local NGOs, the academia and the youth communities, all aiming for the participation of citizens in the climate change decision-making process.

Georgia: TV Programme of Mission 1.5

Georgia reports one of the highest number of Mission 1.5 players in the world! For a country with a population of 3.7 million, why are so many people playing and voting?

In partnership with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and the Georgian Public Broadcaster, UNDP Georgia made Mission 1.5 the centre of an informal climate education for youth through a TV programme called the Break Time. A dynamic young host invites us to play Mission 1.5 and learn about climate choices together. All schools in Georgia moved classes online during the COVID-19 pandemic and since the show has been supporting the school education at home.

“Educating young people is our chance to make sure that future decision-makers will opt for greener and more sustainable solutions,” says Louisa Vinton, our UNDP Head in Georgia.

Nigeria: Mission 1.5 in the national manual

Nigerian Government developed the Climate Change Youth Action Manual as an educational toolkit targeting young people to empower them, to act for climate, as part of delivering the country’s climate plan (National Determined Contribution). The manual unlocks the potential of youths to contribute to carbon emission reduction while exploring untapped areas across key sectors towards ensuring a low carbon development. As part of the tools showcased in this manual, is the Mission 1.5.

First of its kind government-led initiative for youth in Nigeria, the manual is engaging ten of thousands of youths in rural, semi-urban and urban areas. It presents step-by-step activities that will deliver the climate goals and put power in the hands of the youth, just like how Mission 1.5 aims to do.

Ecuador: From Minister to citizens

Ecuador launched the Mission 1.5 in March 2020, and guess who joined us? The Minister of Environment and Water, Juan DeHowitt! He told everyone to play Mission 1.5 and stressed the importance of authorities and citizens to work together, to make drastic changes together. Through Mission 1.5, the policymakers are able to connect and hear from the people directly.

Ivan Vallejo, a famous high-altitude mountaineer and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador also joined the force in Ecuador. He shares his experience of feeling the consequences of climate change in his expeditions, especially in the last one to Antarctica. In his talks, he inspires citizens about caring for the nature and the planet as well as to learn more about actions you can take.